How To Trade Pokemon Using No$GBA

I’ve been a fan of pokemon for ages. However, back in the day it’s hard to find fellow gamers who play it simple because they think Pokemon is a bit of childish way, long journey and tedious. So, I had never using the trade feature of the game.

But these days, where many gadgets are strong enough to emulate older machine system, I’ve found myself re-playing again many old games, including Pokemon. And how happy I am that I no longer need someone else GBA to trade pokemon.

I’d like to show you how to trade pokemon using GBA emulator that is No$GBA. Should you in need for that emu, just google it and you’ll find it in no time. IMHO, No$GBA is a pretty decent emu, and its easier to do the trade.


1. You should have a copy of Pokemon Rom for GBA. This tutorials only cover third-gen Pokemon (Ruby-Sapphire-Emerald). You may trade between gen but that’s another catch.

2. You should have a game-save or ongoing quest where trading pokemon is available at Pokemon Center. And of course, since it’s trading, you should also have some pokemon to trade.

3. You may trade from different game-save (i.e Ruby to Emerald to Sapphire) or you can copy the same game-save (i.e Emerald to Emerald).  Please rename the second game extension from .sav to .SV2.

How To Do it

1. Open No$GBA. Uncheck the Autostart Catridge and drop down to choose 1st Machine

2. Choose the first Game (for example game one is Emerald)

3. Now, Set the control-setup as you wish for both player 1 and player 2

4. Right Click on the game and choose LINK. Your No$GBA screen should be like this :

5. Click on FILE and Choose FILE LIST and drop down 2nd Machine. Don’t forget to uncheck Autostart

6. Now, Again choose FILE but now choose FILENAME and choose your second game (in this example, Pokemon Ruby). Notice that now you’re on 2nd Machine :

7. Voila ! Two games in one !

8. Now go to POKEMON CENTER and go up stair to the Trade System. By the way, it’s easier if you already save both game at the Pokemon Center 😀

9. Sit down, and there you’re ready to trade !

That’s all, folk !

Hope you find this tutorial helpful ! By the way, don’t ask me where to find the Emu, Roms and Save file. You can easily go google !


31 thoughts on “How To Trade Pokemon Using No$GBA

  1. jomama says:

    it not work for 2 of the same game!!!

    • windsryche says:

      You mean Ruby/Ruby or Sapphire/Sapphire ? It works. Just don’t forget to rename the save file.

      • Liam says:

        Is there a rom for leaf-green that can do this without crashing? Every other rom works, but leaf-green crashes when trying to enter the trading room.

  2. JJ says:

    this work with FireRed to Emerald??

    • windsryche says:

      It’s possible, but to do that you have to go the same way as it’s done with the real GBA. First you must beat the Elite Four for each game. On Ruby/Emerald you need to have 200 pokemon registered and upgrade your Dex to National Dex. On Fire Red you need to have 60 pokemon registered, Upgrade to National Dex, the Sapphire Gem and Ruby Gem both are Celio’s Sevii Island quest.

  3. JJ says:

    and you didnt mention closing with 2 games open would pretty much kill the emulator. now every time i try to start a game it says “Nocash GBA Emulator has stopped working”

    so thanks for the warning

    • windsryche says:

      Ah, I’m sorry I’ve not met that problem yet. But as far as I remember, I think I’d closed the game in many way possible including run out of laptop battery. It’s still fine.

  4. Frank=) says:

    The second machine starts with new game and freezes before reaching nearest pokecenter

    • windsryche says:

      Uh, why don’t you save the game AT the Pokemon Center ? But anyhow, I think I must consider myself lucky for I’ve never experienced a crash before. Perhaps yours is a bad ROM or BIOS. I can check again to my system set up but I’m currently away from my laptop. I’ll be right back later.

  5. Razor says:

    Can we use IT on pokemon fire red also

  6. bill says:

    so i played both game (red and green) got them both saved infront of center….. but when i start up both games in same window…. second game is brand new and i cant load my save.

    • windsryche says:

      Edited : Perhaps you haven’t change the file extension name for the second game ? from .sav to .SV2 please try and inform me if it’s working.

      I sincerely don’t know what exactly the problem since my No$GBA (even after years since I wrote this guide) worked just fine. My bet is the bios or defect in your ROM.

  7. infante says:

    cant control the second game, I’ve already changed the controls but they dont work…

    • windsryche says:

      To change the control, go to options then Control Setup and drop down Define Control for Player 2 on KEYBOARD dialog box. IMHO since you can make the second game work in link there’s no way you can’t control the game.

  8. Aedan says:

    Any idea how to do this on a mac? i’m using a wrapped version of No$gba and all of the .app files seem to be within the program itself. The only thing i cant do is copy the .SAV file , so when i start the second copy of the game there is no file to load.

    • windsryche says:

      Ah I’m sorry. I don’t have any experience with Mac..

    • Poopaloo42 says:

      Like he said earlier, change the file extension of the second save file to .sv2. For the wineskin wrapper if you open the package contents of the icon for No$Gba you should be able to find any saves you made inside.
      Located inside the drive C > Program Files > No Cash GBA.

  9. Dee says:

    I’m not sure how to copy and rename the saved file. I’m trying to trade from fire red to emerald. Granted I just started the Emerald version, Fire red is ready with the national dex. I can not figure out how to load my saved game onto the 2nd machine without it being a new game.

    • windsryche says:

      To change the filename, simply change the extension file name as you would rename a file. For example. if your second game is Pokemon – Fire Red.GBA go to Battery Folder and change the Pokemon – Fire Red.sav to Pokemon – Fire Red.SV2 (if your problem is you can find the extension .sav you might want to turn on the SHOW File name extension on folder options)

  10. Darksider says:

    Man you really are a helpful dude. Me and my friend play pokemon two players on a same pc, both catching different pokemon, trading and battling each other too! You made my day. Thanks a lot!

    • windsryche says:

      You’re welcome. To think you two played on the same PC all day is just so wow.. What I and a friend used to do is we convert the save file so we can continue to play the game on our own PSP. Then use the PC link to show our training result.

  11. Darksider says:

    However, sometimes while battling (1/3 times ) i get a black error box after fainting and releasing a different pokemon. Any ideas how to avoid it? For battling, set the link type to multiplay in emulation options. (auto for trading). Thanks.

  12. can u trade pokemon from diamond to emerald

  13. aj says:

    im having problems loading the second saved file its copied and saved the file as Pokemon Emerald .SV2 but it wont load and i know its not my rom file because i loaded it before and traded but forgot how to do it followed the steps again but wont load the linked saved file

  14. Dragoon says:

    I get a white screen, after i press link, on the second window what do i do? and im trading between Platinum and pearl.

  15. Pepino the Grateful says:

    Man, I’m so grateful for this information. I was playing on Machine 1 my emerald, and then started playing Sapphire in the same spot. Sadness overcame my spirit when I found the .sav files couldn’t be opened on the 2nd machine. Such a small change of name files made my day so big and shiny.

    Thanks sir 🙂

  16. Nk M says:

    If your having trouble with the seconed game ie. Cant open or even move go to the controls and use a different setup then the first like instead of the arrow keys to move use w,s,a and d ext ext

  17. Sanctumsacre says:

    Wow, thanks for the guide. I assume this works for Pokemon Diamond as well right? Now I can catch Abra :p

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